Everything you need to learn about planning your rehearsal dinner is right here.

When planning your rehearsal dinner, have a lot of questions. (It may even seem like you’re planning two weddings!) But have a breath. The secret to the rehearsal dinner is about setting a warm tone and welcoming your nearest and dearest in the future together, relaxing, and celebrating the wedding.

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To not get completely overwhelmed, we’ve come up with a list of rehearsal dinner strategies for brides (and grooms) to assist ensure that the evening goes beautifully.

Send your rehearsal dinner invites the moment you’ve opted for a venue. (Make life easier still by sending digital invitations.) BTW, keeping the rehearsal dinner and wedding invites separate also avoids the chance of any confusion among your friends and relatives.

Needless to express, one of the most popular (and often awkward) questions. Tradition says it's the responsibility of the groom’s parents. But many don't follow this “rule” and couples either decide to pay for it themselves or ask both mom and dad to contribute.Go

Many couples now choose more enjoyable, laid-back rehearsal dinners. Decide if you need to specify the gown  or kate Middleton wedding dress code, then consider whether you need to be indoors or out. Rehearsal dinners are about your friends and relatives, so keeping their surface the mind is vital to a happy evening. When you’re deciding on the venue, choose a place you know your family and friends will love.

Typically, your guests at your rehearsal dinner include your closest friends and family. It’s an attractive gesture in the future prepared with thank-you gifts to exhibit your gratitude for helping bring the wedding day alive.

Trust us. Hire someone to consider pics or videos even for a couple of hours. What to capture? Toasts, speeches, candid, meaningful moments. You want the rest of your friends and relatives of their very own cameras and consume the actual moment, versus multi-tasking Insta stories, shall we be right?